I love my Henry

Probably my favourite part of living in a van is our Henry Ranger Woodburner from Windy Smithy http://www.windysmithy.co.uk/


Just today I got home with the girls at 5pm having shut him down at 2:30ish to do the school run. I opened the air flow and he roared away, tea was done and dusted by 6pm. It is near zero outside and we had to open windows to stop us over heating, lovely.

Henry what can’t you do?
He dries clothes, provides me with endless kettles of hot water, easily stays in over night. Ive had a baking session with him this evening we now have rock buns and flapjack and chocolate cake for the cupboard. He makes the best pizzas and garlic bread. He cooks toast and pancakes, naan and eggs on top. You can cook jacket potatoes in his fire box. The oven is sealed so well he makes fantastic bread. If I were a poet I would feel compelled to write an ode to Henry.

I think it is amazing in this day an age to have something so well designed and efficient. Henry was the biggest investment in our van and the most valued. We love you Henry and thanks so much Jon Snow.

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