Spring has sprung

I have been waiting all year to have myself a vase of daffodils and hazel. It’s spring, and I’ve got them, it makes me smile every day. Don’t you just love how simple things in life make a difference.


It’s got me thinking, if opening my curtain each morning makes me smile because of my daffs, sat there on the dashboard. What simple things can I do to make others smile? Smiles are meant to be contagious aren’t they? ( my nan always said the one thing you can always give away is a smile). So why is the whole world not smiling. I guess because grumps can be contagious too.
Can we pay it forward with a smile, or am I just too naive and idealistic.
Life is hard, but if we can “enjoy the journey rather than simply waiting till the end of the road” surely us and all around us will be better for it.
Today has been a stay at home day for my two outrageous wonderful girls. Both poorly in different ways. How I have enjoyed the forced go slow, their company and the way they have looked after each other. I have not enjoyed worrying about my big girl with her panda eyes and pale face. I have loved small girls bear hugs.
I guess in this waffle I’m trying to say, it does me good to look at the simple every day and live in the minute. “Who by worrying can add a day to their life” “do not worry about tomorrow it has enough worries of its own”.
Spring has sprung, live in today and look for the simple things that make you smile. Then spread it around. Happy spring.


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