The Truth about Mothers Day

Woken up by youngest sitting on my head in keenness to give me my present. Accompanied by husband in loudest quiet voice in my ear “DON’T WAKE MUM UP, she’s still asleep”, well not any more.
Given yummy presents and cards a a declaration of their love. Aahhhh.

Hardly a breath later comes “can we have one, when, can I have one now”.

My response is “after breakfast and when you’ve got up”.
“I’m hungry, my tummy is sore, I’m really starrrrving”.

Make the dear ones brekkie,
“I’m not hungry, I’m full up, do I have to eat it all”.

“Can we have your chocolates now”
“when you are dressed”
“I only bought them for me”
“I wish I bought you heart shaped slugs”
“Ahh life is soooo unfair” (them not me!)

Children finally calm down and play nicely together. (Not dressed). I decide its time for me to have one of my treats, so share. “Can you put the rubbish in the bin for me mum”
Got to love them.

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