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Nettles for Tea

Inspired by DIY Naturals latest post on stinging nettles I decided to try them out on my family for tea. The girls helped me pick some wild garlic leaves and flowers on the way home tonight and I gathered the … Continue reading

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Flowers for Sheryll and flowers for me

My husband was heading to a surgery with our local mp Sheryll Murray a few weeks ago. He was giving her a heads up about our project wild woods and fancied taking her some flowers. So, I had a go … Continue reading

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Crochet Heart bunting

It’s been a party weekend for my girls, so I’ve been getting crafty making some very pink presents suitable for two girly 4 year olds. I chose three different shades of pink wool and crocheted several teeny tiny hearts. Well … Continue reading

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Abi’s getting crafty

Abi is 7 and like a lot of children exploding with creativity. Here’s her latest makes. First up her light makeover, from this… Add a bit of washi tape scored from Trago Mills. To this…. And switched on. The scruffyness … Continue reading

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New Curtains

We have been in the van for 5 months now. It was time to finish the curtains on the front. He loves looking out at the shadows and stars at night, but we will be at a campsite in a … Continue reading

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The Sceptic is Converted

We had a visitor at the woods the other day the lovely Dave from Aqua Source. He bought his divining rods to help us find water, we are hoping to get a bore hole. After he had done his job … Continue reading

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My Patchwork Garden

Our van is parked near a waste pile for a landscape gardener. It is a gold mine for me. Yesterday, it was turf including this amazing round piece. Which has been used to top a “stool”, salvaged from the wood … Continue reading

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