Biscuits for Adventurers

Yummy, I just borrowed Miranda Gore Browne’s book biscuit from the library, I am so impressed. Within a week I had made 3 recipes from it, lemon drizzlers ( mmmm my favourite), sweetie biscuits ( the girls favourite) and twirly-whirly biscuits ( for my man, they are also called snail biscuits). All the recipes were easy to follow and worked. I cooked some in my woodburner.

And others in my little lidl oven. Today I tried “biscuits for adventurers” mainly because I had all the ingredients in my cupboard. I had to try one straight off the cooling rack, yummy, that’s why there’s a gap in the photo.
They also went down well with the girls friends.
I was really impressed especially as it went a bit Pete Tong half way through. Due to our current accommodation the hob is in a caravan and everything else is in our van, so by the time I had bought my melted ingredients to the van and called my girls to look at the fizz it didn’t happen :(. I put it back on the heat and wahoo it fizzed. Next they seamed a bit dry before baking ( don’t think it fizzed enough). I decided to soldier on any way I’m so glad I did.
2 hours after they cooked and only a few left. That’s what I call a good biscuit, thank Miranda.


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