My Patchwork Garden

Our van is parked near a waste pile for a landscape gardener. It is a gold mine for me.

Yesterday, it was turf including this amazing round piece. Which has been used to top a “stool”, salvaged from the wood pile.

There is a woodpile under that sunrise, honest.
Here’s a better view of that comfy stool. Not sure how long the turf will last, but it’s fab for now.

And here she is again with some of her naked friends.

If you look at the ground it gives you a bit of an idea why I thought a bit of turf might be nice. I have been using bits as they have been dumped and simply placing them on the hardcore that makes up our “garden”. This is the latest patchwork of turf.

It’s lovely and lush, but I did claim it the day it was dumped. We now have an turf island in a corner of the garden, looking a bit like Australia. Unfortunately it us not all so green and lush, a bit like Australia.

Three lots of turf have been place there, the first in the winter, I left it a while to check it was ok before staking my claim on it. It is slowly recovering, honest. The next layer was claimed quicker but subjected to frost and experimental fertilisation, (I might elaborate in a later post if I feel brave). I’ll let you know if we progress to a mowable Island (although secretly hoping the local bunnies may do that job for me). If not nothing ventured nothing gained. It’s all in the name of experimental gardening.

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