Flowers for Sheryll and flowers for me

My husband was heading to a surgery with our local mp Sheryll Murray a few weeks ago. He was giving her a heads up about our project wild woods and fancied taking her some flowers. So, I had a go at hand tying some local daffs and hazel twigs. It was fun. Here they are wrapped with yellow and green fabric, outside our van

20130428-201520.jpgand here’s another shot.

20130428-201645.jpg Notice how they are offset by the Wellies.
I loved the mad random twigs shooting out, with the daffs more central but bursting with sunshiny yellow. The bouquet, if I even dare call it that, should have burst into even more life in a few days as the warmth of a home would cause the buds to open and some of the acid green new hazel leaves to unfurl.
After I put this together both my husband and I panicked about wether this was appropriate. We needn’t have worried as when he walked in she commented on how lovely they looked and then squealed with delight when she found out they were for her. They even had their photo taken together with the flowers for our local paper. Success.
Here’s some of my daffs and hazel I kept at home with the minuscule leaves starting to show.

a smile in a vase.

Finally indulge me with a couple more sunshiny shots that make me happy.



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