Stinging Nettle Miracle Cure

My littlest little person stood on a stinger today. She has very good lungs so we certainly knew about it. They are very potent this time of the year too. Ouch

We tried our normal remedy doc leaves. There are loads growing around us. Characteristically close to the stingers.

20130506-195358.jpgMy big girl laid a pile at her sisters feet, she rubbed each and everyone on while I looked for some plantain leaves, without success.

We had recently had a “stinger incident” when we couldn’t find any docs. I had a vague recollection of having read in a blog post that plantains may help. There were plantains around so we tried it. It was miraculous within a couple of minutes the moaning had stopped and the girl said it didn’t hurt any more. Being a good scientist I needed to try it out at least one more time before sharing and declaring “miracle cure”.

We had to go to my dads the stings were causing her enough pain to screech when she put her shoe on. I hoped and prayed that there would be plantain in dads lawn. There were, teeny tiny neat lawn mowed ones. I picked some leaves, squished them up and gave them to her to rub on her toes. 10 minutes later when we left her shoes went on with no complaints. I now can cry “miracle cure”.

The plantain I am talking about is not bananas, but the polly had a dolly type we played with as a child. Making the inflorescence or flower type part of the grass pop off to our rhyme.

20130506-200838.jpgthis was taken in a grassy field it gives you a better idea of the plant that the teeny leaves in dads manicured lawn would. Here’s a side view


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