New Bag from Old Shorts

About a year ago my hubby wanted a man bag for his iPad. This is what he got.

It has since been acquired by my littlest little person for dolly bottles and toy phones. Hence the knot in the strap.

To make this bag I took a side pocket off a pair off his old cargo shorts. I then made a second pocket for the back, from some complementary stripy material

This material was also up cycled from some old clothing.
I added a flap from another pocket on the shorts to make the bag more secure.

This was lined up so the same button fastens the pocket and flap.
Finally I cut the waist band from the shorts to make a strap. I kept the button and button hole, so I could change the length of the strap if needed. Oops that would have been better than the knot currently tied in it.

As you can see the bag is quite rough and ready, that is partly due to the design and mostly due to my lovely hubby grabbing the bag before I had chance to tidy it up. Still it has stood the test of time and been used and loved. My sister even tried to poach it for putting dog poo bags in whilst walking her dog urghh.

Yes she is a pampered pooch

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