Floral Revolution

I received this share on Facebook today, I think it is inspired. Sadly I couldn’t work out how to copy and paste the words so here is the Facebook link.

They write it so much better than me, but the gist of it is; lets start a floral revolution, lets let the terrorists know we are not terrified and we won’t let them be glorified, lets let Lee’s family know we are behind them and we honour him, lets let his son look back and see the tribute to his dad not the atrocity committed, lets cover the war memorials of this country with a sea if flowers.

Who is with me?


I put together this bunch with a sample of Eco-cellophane. I followed Sarah Ravens advice from her Grow your own Cut Flowers book. It makes a little vase out if the cellophane so the flowers can stay on water and last longer.

I transported it to the war memorial in the dashboard of my car.

At first I thought great I can have fresh flowers in my car every day like a cool new VW driver. Well, I squished them down too hard and the water came out. Oops.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got there. I had shared the post on my Facebook and a couple of people had commented to say they thought it was a great idea. The person who shared it with me lives in the same town and also had a couple of positive comments.
With a lump in my throat and a strange feeling of real accomplishment I added my posey to two other offerings.


And hope it grows to a sea over the next couple of days.
Are you with me?

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