Reversible Oil Cloth Bags and Aprons

In true Blue Peter style, here’s some I made earlier.

This is a reversible bag, with pink cord and a zip pocket on one side and oil cloth on the other.

The straps are oilcloth and the pocket has a small flower detail. I was making headbands and broaches with these at the time, so one jumped on the bag.

Next up a smaller oilcloth bag, I loved this cup’o’tea print and the silky dark chocolate lining.

Last but not least my reversible 3-way child’s apron. With an oil cloth side for wipe ability.

To keep pocket lovers happy, The boat part of the sailing boat doubles as a pocket. The reverse is up cycled denim with a run of pockets across the front. They are different sizes.

The 3rd way is to fold the top of the denim side down on the inside and voila you have a carpenters apron.

There you go a quick review of a few I made earlier. If anyone is interested in tutorials for any of these, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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