To Market, to Market

It was my first stall at the Lostwithiel Farmers Market. I went to the Wild Woods the night before to harvest my first crop.

I got up pretty early …

To my flowers which had been conditioning overnight….


I arranged them and hid them behind the van to keep cool, while I had breakfast and sorted the children out for the day. Rich had made us all eggy bread yummy.

He then took the children off and I loaded the car.

I also took some crochet heart bunting, some bags, apron, hair bands and a wooden tea light holder. I wanted to show you a picture of the stall but the quick snap I took before the market opened was pretty pants.
I loved my stall and loved every minute of it. It was not a huge commercial success but it was fun.
Some of my favourite arrangements were of small poseys with lemon balm in for bedside tables to aid sleep. Mmmmm.
Here’s a picture of them, also not a great one and I have played around with it a bit so it’s not true colours but it gives the gist.


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