Ombré Hair experiment

For ages I wanted to have ago at dyeing the tips of my hair pink. I saw a post about a year ago about someone with three colours in her hair in horizontal bands. I had purple hair at the time and thought it might be a cool way to grow it out.
Natural band, purple band then pink band. I bought all the stuff, then we moved into the van with no mains water. Ummm project put on hold, also I had so many things to do acclimatising to van living I didn’t have time or head space to work it out.
So now I’m ready, the purple has significantly grown out revealing my natural silver mop on top. The purple is now much more of a red shade. Time to dip dye the ends.
I did a bit if research and thinking and decided to divide my hair into 4 strands and individually bleach and foil each of these.
Using a mirror I guesstimated the amount I wanted bleached and lined this up with the next section as I went around. Attempting to dye the bits from the back on an angle as the hair fell when pulled around the side of my head. Does this make any sense?
Here’s a picture

I kept checking, it went quite orangy so I left the bleach on for the longest time recommended, then rinsed it off. Here’s the result.

Blonde tips.

This is a bit more of the tricolour effect.
Finally my favourite bit, when I put my hair up its really fun to play with the various colours.

My daughter took the last photo I was having trouble contorting myself to do it. So naturally I had to take one of the back of her head.

When I looked at that piccy the mix if colours in her hair looked pretty cool. Oh to be a 4 year old with natural sun kissed streaks.

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