Home made licky stickers

Abi’s wish this morning was to make stickers. After a quick google admiring this post, this post and this post .

I asked Abi what she wanted to do with the stickers “stick them on people”. Ummmm the warnings in the first post about the stickers being permanent ruled that one out. We could find any white glue, must be at the woods, so that ruled the last option out. A gelatin hunt resulted in the discovery of some leaf gelatin.
Woohoo we’re in business.
Abi decorated the card she wanted to use for stickers. Then we broke up a couple of the gelatin sheets into small pieces in a cup. Added a tablespoon of boiling water and stirred. Resulting in a gloopy solution. We painted the back of the card with the sticky stuff and left it in the sunshine to dry. While Abi designed more stickers.
Then we got licking and sticking on my jeans ( thanks Abi)

On the dogs bowl

Infact anywhere that stood still for a few seconds

What surprised me was the amount if time these stickers lasted. Especially on the shiny dog bowl surface and my jeans which got lots if movement. I took the sticker off my jeans before it fell off. This glue is goooood.
Abi finally made a load for her friends

We left the left over gloopy glue in the pot to see how long it would last. Answer not long at all, we checked it after about half an hour and it looked like this

The moral being make it when you are ready to use it and use it quick.
Happy sticking.

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