Fun with Cardboard Boxes

We had a delivery with two enormous cardboard boxes. The girls have had so much fun, they have been cars, boats caravans. I lost them one morning, they were both in one both together with blankets, teddies and pillows.

Smaller boxes have been used to make “dolls houses”.


Finally, I think they wanted to make dressing up dolls. One if the boxes had split down one side by this time. We opened it right up and split it in two. This made enough cardboard for each girl to lie on and be drawn around. I then cut them out.
Today they wanted to give them faces and clothes. As they are the same size as the girls they borrowed from their own wardrobes.

Mia dressing her “doll”.
Next they decided they needed shoes, this was a bit more tricky. They attempted to cut slits in the feet for flip flops.

Didn’t work. But crocks and sandals did…

here’s Abi’s nearing completion

And here’s Abi with her creation

Finally the pair if them with their alter egos

Happy boxing.

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