Turning Children’s Drawings into Soft Toys

From an old sheet to soft toy.

We have done this a couple of times. It started with the Jane Bull book. She has a pattern for a figure shaped like a ginger bread man which can be made into a variety of characters from pirates to cats.
We took it one step further and I let them draw on a piece of old sheet, with fabric pens.
1.I cut a piece of sheet about 60cm by 30 cm which I folded to make a 30cm square.
2. Next I taped this to the table cloth with masking tape, so it did not move when the used the pens.
3. Abi who was 6 at the time drew her own out line ( a unicorn) then coloured it in and drew on features.

4. For Mia who was about 2 I drew the outline if a cat and she coloured it in.
5. The outline was then cut out adding a 1 cm seam allowance.
6. The reverse of the bottom piece was then illustrated by them in the same way.
7. The pieces were pinned together right side in.
8. I showed Abi how to do a running stitch around hers. It took nearly a year of her picking it up and putting it down to complete. But she did it including a wool tail.
9. Mia had a go then I machine sewed hers. Leaving a gap of a couple of inches for turning and stuffing.
10. When you turn the character the right way round (through the hole you have left). Make sure you use a blunt instrument such as a chop stick to poke small pieces like cats ears to get definition. Also if you have sharp corners or steep curves you may need to clip off some v’s into the fabric to enable it to lie flat when turned the right way round.
11. You can stuff it with toy stuffing or cut up old clothes into small pieces to use as filling. Or even add a some rice or dried beans to give it some weight or turn it into a warmer. ( if you are doing this you will need to make sure the stitches are very small).
12. Stitch up the gap.


There you have your child’s designed and made soft toy.

Abi is making her second now. This is the start of it….


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One Response to Turning Children’s Drawings into Soft Toys

  1. knickpick says:

    That’s just fantastic!

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