Lacy crochet Christmas Decorations

Oh the fun of making for Christmas. I have been given a ball of cream crochet cotton and had a play with a Teeny tiny heart pattern I have made several times before. I loved it, it came up all lacy and quite different looking to the yarn ones I made previously. I used a USA size H hook, mainly because it is a lovely shiny green Christmassy colour. (Quick google suggests its a 5mm hook).

I next tried the lovely Lucy’s teeny tiny star.. I decided to turn the second round into dc (double crochet) instead of tr (treble crochet) to make it even more teeny. Again it worked beautifully, thank you Lucy.

However I wanted more Christmas, I thought about trying her jolly holly but wasn’t sure how it would look as a hanging decoration. Time to go it alone, I’ve come up with my own pattern it’s for a teeny tiny tree. As you can see it works up to be the same size as Lucy’s star and heart patterns so would make a lovely garland.

Here’s the instructions:

1. Chain 4


2. Join with a slip stitch.

3. Crochet 12 dc into the loop you have just made. That’s hook through the loop, yarn over, pull back through the loop. Yarn over then back through all loops on hook.

4. Slip stitch to first dc.

5. Now for the shaping. This is half of the top of the tree. 2tr into first dc. (Treble is yarn over, through stitch, yarn over, back through two loops on hook( stitch and 1st yarn over) yarn over, back through two loops, leaving one loop on hook. The way I remember it is that a treble has 3 yarn overs and a double has 2).
6. Now 1/2 tr into next stitch. ( yarn over, through stitch, yarn over, back through 3 loops leaving one on hook.)
7. Dc into next stitch.
8. 1/2 tr into next stitch.
9. 3 tr into next stitch, this is the first bottom corner.
10. Now repeat the 1/2 tr, dc, 1/2 tr into the next 3 stitches.

11. 3tr in the next stitch for the next corner.
12. 1/2tr, dc, 1/2tr into next 3 stitches.
13. Finally 2tr into first stitch with the original 2tr.
14. Make a picot point for the top of the tree. 2ch then slip stitch into first if these 2ch.

15. Slip stitch picot point to first treble made. You are done.
I finish and make a loop with the last stitch which I weave to the very top of the tree and fasten off with a few 1/2 hitch knots.


Having a go at a bell or maybe angel next….

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