Hello Strangers

Hiya, long time no blog.

We had an adventurous 2014. Heres a potted version of what went down. We have moved out of our lovely van and it has now been sold to a shepherdess.

2014-11-13 16.37.24

It was a bit muddy to drive into her final position so a local farmer lent a hand.

We now live in a house, the journey has been very windy and interesting I may share it with you one day.

We have also worked hard on our Wild Woods with the upshot being that all our blueberries and most of our flowers were eaten by deer, rabbits or two-legged mini beasts. From 300 bushes we didn’t even manage to scrape together 1 punnet to sell. The upshot being that we could no longer afford to rent our Wild Woods and have just finished clearing and saying goodbye.

The grand finale was a new year mega bonfire, den building session and marshmallow munch. I have no photos, we were to busy making the most of it.

So goodbye 2014 with its fun and exciting times, and hello 2015.

Anyhows, what this all means is that I have some time to get back on here. Just to warn you, although I didn’t get much blogging done last year (1 post people!) I did take some photos of things to blog.

Heres the plan….

I have carved out some time each week to dedicate to this corner of the internet.

I am moving over to a shared blog with my lovely and slightly crazy hubby. GuCu

So…. you should get some regular posts, most will be linked from here to there. so if you would like to get to them directly you may like to follow GuCu instead.

Happy 2015 and thanks for your loyalty.


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