No more Grease stains

My first Pinterest post. I got a grease stain right in the middle of my new top. 😦

Grease stain on my new top
I went straight to Pinterest as I knew I had pinned a post on this. When I can get tech savvy enough I will paste the link. It was basically that you rub the stain with chalk. So I duly did (with green chalk because that’s all I could lay my hands on at the time :/).

I shoved it in a normal wash(40C with a scoop of my washing powder and half a scoop of vanish for good measure).
It looked good when it came out of the machine damp.

However once it was dry, the stain was still there, less noticeable but slightly green.

Disappointed but determined to beat the grease. I tried again with more chalk (not green this time) on the inside incase it stained. And rubbed the top with a vanish bar on the outside. I left it the about 24 hours till my next wash (the same as before). As I was loading the machine our lovely lodger arrived with a crisis. She needed her one pair of jeans for the next evening without the grease and curry stains she had just acquired on them. Cue more chalk and vanish. It worked on my top Huzzah …

… And her jeans, two happy bunnies.

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