Tights to Hair Bands and Leg Warmers

Time to sort out the growing pile of tights. Mini me has been having trouble with some of her tights falling down and being annoying. This normally means they are too small for her. I had a look and several pairs were a bit stretched out at the waist and around the behind. Others had holes and others were just simply too short now. I hate throwing anything away. So I took a three pronged attack:

1) Any that would be of use to a smaller child were passed on.

2) Any that were too grubby, were placed in the rag bag. To take to a local school where they raise money per weight of textiles.

3) Hair bands and leg warmers.

Simply cut them up.

For hair bands,

I cut off any grubby feet, then simply cut strips about an inch wide. Discarding any pieces with holes or marks. Ta dah hair bands that are actually soft and gentle on hair. They have even been used as giant loom bands. But that’s another story. As I was doing this Abi asked if I was cutting them into leg warmers for mini me (they had just had a fight about a crochet pair I made for Abi a few years ago). She was inspired so I had a go.

For leg warmers,
I cut off toes (and feet if they have heels in them). Then cut off the bottom and crotch area. What are you left with?


Leg warmers.

You could even take these a step further, cut a thumb hole and you have long fingerless gloves.

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