Healthy Warming Winter Food

Tonight I had the most satisfying warming winter tea. I’m on the last day of my diet week. Which I may blog about another day if anyone is interested (over 2stone down woohoo).

The prescribed tea tonight is steak and salad. Now I’m just not a steak girl. So in the past I have substituted it with a homemade burger (usually just the mince squished to a burger shape and grilled). However, this week I had some bolognese to use up so I figured its steak mince plus veggies so what’s the harm.

I’ve also not enjoyed eating so much salad while its been so cold, it’s just wrong. So I’ve roasted up some veg with no oil and had a stir fry in substitution.

The conundrum was what to eat with the bolognese I’m usually a spag Bol girl and couldn’t work out how it would work with salad, I wanted a spag replacement out if veggies. I did a Pinterest search for “bolognese Paleo” , (Wiki definition of Paleo).
There were so many options from spaghetti squash to spiralizing just about any veg. I chose to use some crown prince squash from our vegbox which I had previously roasted (without oil) and frozen for soup.

I shoved it in the oven to warm up while I reheated the bolognese.

It was so delicious and warming. Sadly I wolfed it down before I thought to take a picture. It was even better than spag Bol. I’ve christened it squash bol and written about it on here, mainly so I don’t forget how yummy it was.

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