New Year Resolutions

I had resolved not to make any and due to quite a turbulent year I was going to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other, trusting God and seeing where we got too.

However the desire to get back to blogging hasn’t left me so Im going to try and get it done. I have a real fear about this, when I first blogged it was a little “private” fun place. (private in that I told no one about it) then finances were stretched and I was getting a few followers so I tried to think about monetising it. Thats when the fear set in. Suddenly my comfortable private place needed to become more public and the time I spent on it needed to have value.

Blogging became more and more intermittent, My posts were never good enough for me, my photos never professional or well lit enough. My projects blurgghh. Rich set a .com site up for me with the intention of adding a shop to sell my makes, I never felt good enough to get to this.

Rich and I struggle to “monetise” anything, we would rather give things away. I know that doesn’t make for much worldly sense, but it has made for heavenly sense for us. Whenever we even try to sell something on eBay it tends not to work. We are great at conversations like “you would like to give us £20?” “well hey just take it for £10”, or more often “…£0 and just enjoy it” !! I know. I think its just the way we are made and we are trying to stop fighting it. (btw does anyone want a Hornby Toy Story Train set?). Yes we have been taken advantage of, but at the end of the day we still have food on the table and a roof over our heads so thats their loss.

Having said that we have been so blessed by things given to us and I hope blessed others with things we have given. We have had cars, furniture, computers, toys, clothes…. pass through our hands and into our hands. We never seam to go without and generally have abundantly more than we need. Financially it rarely adds up but practically somehow it does.

Anyway I digress…It is on my heart to do this blog thing so I’m gonna do it, spurred on by God and Bonnie Gray . If you want inspiration and encouragement check out her advent podcasts they have really been speaking to my soul. Her books are on my wish list too.

Happy New Year. xxxxxx


Lerryn School Run 10th January 2018

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