How to patch leggings -part two

Since the popularity of my previous leggings post I’ve used another technique which has become more useful as my girls have grown as you can lengthen the leggings at the same time as getting rid of the hole.

As mentioned before it is important to use material with the same amount of stretch as the leggings. You can test this be holding the two fabrics together and pulling, if they both stretch about the same amount that is great. A more technical way is by working out the percentage stretch, place the fabric next to a ruler, grab it and the ruler at zero and then take the fabric at 10cm or inches and pull. the measurement that it stretches to can then be compared or even converted into % stretch (if it stretches to 11cm or inches (keep to the same scale) that is 10% stretch 12 is 20%….15 is 50% and onwards). The wonderful thrifty stitcher has a link to a pdf you can download to keep it simple.

Heres my first mini video showing the stretchy thing. This example goes from 10cm resting to 13cm therefore it  has 30% stretch…..


Anyway onwards, note the direction of stretch some fabrics have a two way stretch and others 4 way, you really need the stretchiest part to go around the leg rather than down the leg as this is where it will be needed the most. Although bear in mind the knee could do with 4 way stretch to be most comfy.


Instead of patching the hole I’ve cut the legging right off above the hole and again below the hole then used a piece from another pair or of similar weight jersey to sew back in. I have an overlocker which makes this job mega easy but it would also work on a normal machine using a stretch stitch or even by hand with a stretchy stitch such as a catch stitch (clear tutorial for this here).

You can also experiment with non symmetrical leggings, I like this look, one of my girls was less keen oh they would not stand still for photos so I had to sneak them whilst they were washing up.

Im afraid all my photos of these leggings are old as my girls are no longer making loads of holes in their knees, those day are sadly over.  As you can see by this photo those first leggings didn’t last long before she made new holes and her legs grew again…

Hope this is useful to you, enjoy and have fun….

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